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Earth Day is an annual celebration that honours the achievement of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth's natural resources for future generations.Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 - worldwide.
A few small things that you can do to help our beautiful planet
  1.  Get your hands dirty and plant a beautiful tree. We just planted an orange tree ;-)
  2. Walk or ride when you can. Grab your granny cart and get wheeling.
  3. Get to those local farmers' markets- save some $$ and feel good about it.(remember your reusable bags!)
  4. Try a few meals without meat. It will save you money and vego / vegan can be tasty.
  5. Choose to use candles at night - adds a vibe and requires less energy. Look at these cute veggie candles from Nonnas Grocer. (seriously!)
  6. Remember your reusable bags + drink bottle.
  7. Try a 2min shower ;-) Saving $$$ and energy.
Sustainability guides every decision we make at Joyrolla, both with our existing products and those yet to come. That's why we prioritise features like replaceable parts for the Joyrolla Cart and Drink bottles, utilise recycled materials, and offer products designed to minimise your personal emissions.
Together, we can all make a difference x 
Image by Marissa Mills - Byron Bay
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