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We are excited to announce our charity partner... SecondBite.

What does SecondBite do: SecondBite is the largest food rescue organisation in Australia- delivering food free of charge. Dedicated to ending waste and hunger, they collect edible food from manufacturers, growers, and supermarkets to redistribute to over 1000 charity organisations nationally.

SecondBite is Australia’s largest food rescue organisation
that delivers food – free of charge.

  • 25,042,195 Kg food delivered

  • Equivalent of up to 50,084,390 meals provided

  • 1,091 Charity Partners supported during the year.

    Stats 2023

How they work?

They work with food growers, manufacturers and retailers to rescue surplus and unsold edible food that would otherwise be sent to landfill (crazy hey!) and redistribute it free of charge to 1,091 charities and non-profit organisations nationally. 

Since 2005, SecondBite have rescued and distributed the equivalent of more than 236 million meals. 

Our Pledge: 

Every time you shop with us you are making a difference.
For every order we will make 
a donation to SecondBite on your behalf.

1 order = 10 Meals Donated

Learn more about SecondBite at their website.

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