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Pop your Plastic Free July Cherry - 10 easy swaps

Pop your Plastic Free July Cherry - 10 easy swaps

Let's pop your cherry.

Plastic Free July has rolled around again and we have been looking (with fresh eyes) how we can reduce our plastic use, in our daily lives. 

Convenience has become second nature and it's up to us to make small changes everyday, to create a larger impact.

We have the usual suspects:

  1. Swap Plastic bags > for your Joyrolla Reusable bags and refuse store bags.

  2. Swap Plastic Water Bottles > for your Reusable bottle

  3. Swap Wrapped or bags of fruit + veggies > Choose loose and naked fruits + veggies.

  4. Swap Take away Coffee cups > for your Reusable coffee cup or coffee at home. 

  5. Swap plastic wrapped Toilet Paper > for paper wrapped toilet paper.

A few extras:

  1. Travelling on a plane > Take your own headphones and blanket.

  2. Swap an Ice cream bucket > for a cone. Extra tasty! 

  3. Swap Plastic bottled Soda water > for Soda Stream, bubbles forever.

  4. Swap Plastic beauty products > for refillable Beauty products, like Foile.

  5. Wrapping Paper > This is our fav. Reuse gift bags, saves on wrapping and $.

We have put together a PLASTIC FREE Starter Pack to help you on the journey, only $29.95 for 1 x Reusable bag + a set of 5 Produce Bags.

We hope this inspires you to make some changes.

Good luck x