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You sure can!
To our horror, 100% of you (in our social survey) said you had never washed your reusable bags or Produce bags 🤦🏻‍♀️. 
We give you points for helping the planet, but we need to make sure you stay healthy too.
So, this blog post is here to help.
Your bags will get dirty...but that's ok.
A simple rule of thumb is to give your reusable bags a bath at least twice a week
or after 2 - 3 uses. They'll love you for it.
It's a good idea to have 3 - 4 reusable bags on rotation,
clean 1 lot and use the other.
Bonus tip: To avoid cross-contamination and food borne illness, always use separate bags for raw meat (even if you have a particular colour dedicated to meat only), seafood, produce, and non-food items.
How to wash your Reusable bags: it's this easy.
1: Use an eco friendly detergent.
Use an eco washing detergent like Cove.
2:   Hand wash in warm water.
Gentle Hand wash
3: Air - dry for that fresh bag feeling (hang inside out).
Air dry on the line inside out.
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